Essential hospitals not only help millions of Americans achieve physical well-being, they create economic health in the communities they serve, a new video from America’s Essential Hospitals demonstrates.

The video, which the association premiered at its June 2017 annual meeting, in Chicago, profiles the work of members to show how essential hospitals anchor employment and business activity, including by:

  • contributing 1.4 million jobs nationally and, in many cases, serving as their state‚Äôs largest employer;
  • building economic health from the ground up by providing stable housing for homeless patients;
  • sponsoring job training programs to help local residents find employment, empowering them to take charge of their health;
  • conducting groundbreaking research that spurs the growth of new companies and jobs; and
  • promoting economic diversity and business revitalization in struggling cities.

Watch our video to learn how America’s Essential Hospitals serve as economic engines and crucial resources for people in need.