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 US Brand Name:  Lipitor
 Other Brand Name  Attor, Agitor, Lupicure, Soraton
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Although Lipitor is now available in a generic form, Atorvastatin can still be pricey. The purpose of this website is to help patients save on this ultra-important medication.

Atorvastatin is a drastic medical product from the group of statins used for the reduction of the high level of cholesterol in the blood. Lipitor can be taken both as a single remedy and in combination with low-calorie diet.

Lipitor provides a hypocholesterolaemic and hypolipidemic pharmacological action. It reduces general cholesterol, lipoproteins of the low density, and triglycerides. The pharmacological effect appears due to the reduction of the cholesterol synthesis in the liver and increase of the amount of the hepatic receptors of lipoproteins of the low density on the surface of cells. This leads to the enhancement of the cholesterol exchange. As a result of this there is a gradual reduction of this fat in the body.

When is Atorvastatin prescribed?

Generic Lipitor is prescribed for the high level of cholesterol in cases when neither diets nor physical exercises provide the required pharmacological effect.

Atorvastatin is used for:

  • the treatment of the mixed hyperlipidemia;
  • cholesteremia;
  • the reduction of the attacks of angina;
  • the reduction of serious vascular and coronary complications including myocardial infarction, stroke;
  • the reduction of the symptoms of ischemic heart disease, and also prophylaxis of ischemic heart disease;
  • diseases of peripheric vessels including pancreatic diabetes;
  • The reduction of the necessity of surgery to restore coronary blood flow.

Also Atorvastatin can be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases because it provides the strongest pharmacological action.

How to take Atorvastatin correctly?

Before taking Atorvastatin it is necessary to regulate the cholesterol level with the help of the low-calorie diets, physical exercises, etc. The weight loss considerably reduces the cholesterol level in the blood and therefore this therapy is obligatory while using this drug.

To specify all peculiarities of the drug and way if usage it is better to turn to a health care provider who will examine your body and be able to prescribe you directions for the use of cheap Atorvastatin.

It is necessary to start taking Atorvastatin after the course of the light diet. Atorvastatin dosage is indicated in each clinical case individually.

  • the initial Atorvastatin dosage is 10 mg once a day regardless of the food consumption.
  • It is recommended to change the dosage every 2-4 weeks controlling the Lipemic index of the blood plasma.
  • The maximal daily Atorvastatin dosage is 80 mg.
  • It is not recommended to take the maximal dose for a long time because this may cause some side effects.
  • Atorvastatin dosage must be reduced in case of hepatic failure and the doctor should adjust the further treatment.

What side effects are possible while taking the medication?

In the course of the clinical studies of the drug on people with high cholesterol level it has been marked that Atorvastatin is well tolerated and the side effects do not appear in case of the correct dose.

The most frequent appearance of the side effects is due to the abuse of the drug, or individual intolerance of the drug.

The most common side effects of Atorvastatin are the following: stomach upset, headache, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, itching, rash, spasms, and temporary worsening of erection (in men).


  • Atorvastatin is contraindicated during pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • A main contraindication is high sensitivity to the components of this medical product.

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Side Effects

Cautions before Beginning Atorvastatin

Before beginning a prescription of Atorvastatin, be sure that your doctor knows all of the other medications that you are taking, including over the counter and even vitamins and minerals. Also, tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease or use alcohol. Atorvastatin can increase your risk for liver or kidney problems, especially if you drink alcohol. If you do take Atorvastatin, you must limit your alcohol intake. If you are pregnant, you must not take Atorvastatin at all. It can be extremely harmful to a fetus. Women who take Atorvastatin are urged to use two forms of birth control to be certain that there is no pregnancy while the drug is still in their system. While it is not confirmed, there is a possibility that Atorvastatin is passed through breast milk. The possible risks are severe enough that to take it while breast-feeding is not recommended.

Also, before starting Atorvastatin, be sure that you have talked to your doctor about every type of allergy that you have, including medicine, animal, preservative, dye, and food allergies to name a few. There have been studies done that have verified that Atorvastatin is just as effective in children ten-years-old and older as it is in adults. Elderly patients do not have significant problems either, but they are more likely to have age-related muscle problems that could be a cause for caution. Your doctor should also be notified if you have any of the following medical problems before or after starting Atorvastatin, seizures, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypotension, electrolyte deficiencies, metabolic enzyme disorders, sepsis, elevated liver enzymes, or a transient ischemic attack.

There are several minor side effects possible from taking Atorvastatin. The most common are gas, headache, constipation, diarrhea, forgetfulness, and joint pain. If you have one of those symptoms, be sure to monitor it and keep track of how long it lasts. If it becomes severe or does not subside, contact your doctor. Atorvastatin also has several very serious, uncommon side effects. If you experience any of the following side effects, you should contact your doctor or emergency medical services immediately. Several types of pain could indicate complications, including chest pain, pain in the upper right section of the stomach, and muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness.

Flu-like symptoms, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, severe increase in appetite, lack of energy, confusion, memory loss, increased thirst, dry mouth, fruity breath odor, blurred vision, extreme weight loss, or dark colored urine can also indicate a possibly serious condition. Several skin conditions can also indicate problems, including rash, hives, itching, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), and swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs. Also, if you experience difficulty breathing or swallowing, hoarseness, or unusual bleeding or bruising, you should seek immediate attention as you could be having an allergic reaction to the medication. Unfortunately, Atorvastatin, just like any other drug, can cause side effects that are not already known. If you experience anything unusual, you should contact your doctor.


Atorvastatin is more commonly known as Lipitor. It is one of several drugs to treat high cholesterol. There are several alternatives to the drug. Some are in the statin family, such as Caduet, Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor, Crestor, Lescol, Vytorin, and several more. None of the drugs in the statin family are safe for a pregnant woman or recommended for one who breast-feeds. They all have similar common side effects, but some have significantly fewer serious side effects.


Caduet is actually a combination of two drugs, Atorvastatin and Amoldipine. Atorvastatin does the same things that it does in Lipitor, but the Amlodipine adds several other advantages. It helps to slow down the rate at which the calcium moves through the heart and blood vessel walls. This causes the vessels to relax and increases blood flow, which in turn causes lower blood pressure. Caduet has fewer reported side effects, but it can be problematic for people with already low blood pressure or other related conditions. Mevacor is the brand name for Lovastatin. It is much more effected by certain things than Lipitor. Lovastatin must be taken with food, as taking it on an empty stomach could decrease the amount of the medicine that is absorbed into the blood stream. Also, Lovastatin will not be as effective if not taken at night, right before your body produces the most cholesterol.


Pravachol is actually Pravastatin sodium. It is used for the same reasons as Atorvastatin, but it has been proven safe for children eight to eighteen. Atorvastatin is only approved for those over ten. It is still similar to Atorvastatin in that it can be taken any time of the day. Zocor is the brand name for Simvastatin. In research studies, Zocor has been proven much more effective than Pravachol. This medication can also be taken without food, but water is necessary. Talk to your doctor before deciding how to take any medication, let alone a cholesterol reducer.


There are several other types of cholesterol medications, including bile acid sequestrants, nicotinic acid, fibrates, and cholesterol absorption inhibitors. Though statins have been proven to be the most effective at eliminating LDL (bad cholesterol), they cannot function without another cholesterol controlling medication. Bile adid sequestrants can be used with or without a statin to bind bile acids containing cholesterol to the intestines and allow them to be eliminated in the stool without reaching the blood stream. These can be taken in either tablet or powder form, unlike the solitary tablet form of statins.


Niacin, or nicotinic acid, is the B vitamin that is water-soluble. It is more natural than the other drug treatments and lipoproteins always improve when given in doses well over the daily requirement. Even though this treatment is available over the counter, you must consult your doctor before actually using it to lower your cholesterol, as the potential side effects need to be monitored. Unfortunately, this treatment option has several common side effects. Fibrates can also be used to lower HDL cholesterol, but they are more effective in lowering triglycerides. These medicines are taken twice a day and have close to no side effects. There is an increased likelihood of developing cholesterol gallstones, but all things considered, this is the least detrimental drug option.



All About Atorvastatin

Atorvastatin is a HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, also known as a statin. This means that it attaches to the molecules that create LDL (bad) cholesterol and other fatty substances in the blood and inhibits their production. This does not completely halt production, but it does decrease it. This helps to raise the percentage of HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood. By lowering the amount of cholesterol, the medicine also lowers the amount of build up in arteries. When there is too much cholesterol, it can build up on the walls of the arteries and eventually lead to a block in the blood flow to the heart or brain. That block could lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Atorvastatin is generally prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes or coronary heart disease to help decrease their risk for heart attack, stroke, or other heart complications. It also is prescribed to lessen the chances that a person with or at risk for heart disease will need surgery. The amount prescribed is determined largely by the level of a person’s cholesterol. A higher dosage will cause a greater reduction in the production of cholesterol. Other factors that influence dosage include the patient’s age, other medications, response to treatment, and current medical condition.

Whenever Atorvastin is prescribed, it is with the goal of not needing it in mind. This means that doctors will start patients on a dosage according to their needs and then decrease it no more frequently than once every two weeks. This reduction in dosage makes the diet and exercise prescribed with Atorvastin even more important. Patients who use it must use the drug not as a permanent method to decrease their cholesterol, but as a temporary tool to lower the amount of cholesterol that their bodies produce naturally. Atorvastin lowers a patient’s cholesterol enough to allow diet and exercise to be safe, then by actually sticking to a diet and exercise program, patients can become less and less dependent on the drug. This is a generalized fact. Patients should never adjust their medication without first consulting their doctor.

Atorvastatin is always prescribed as an oral, once daily dosage. It can be taken with or without food, though, as with most drugs, it is wise to take it with food. The maximum dosage allowed is 80 mg per day and that is rarely used. The normal starting dosage is 10-20 mg per day. However, if a patient need a reduction in cholesterol of more than 45%, then the starting dosage may be 40 mg per day. Atorvastatin can be taken at any time of the day, as long as it is taken consistently at that time. Regularly changing the time that a patient takes the medication can cause the drug to be less effective.

There are several other things that can lower the effectiveness of Atorvastatin. Some other medications that lower cholesterol can be combined with this drug, but only carefully. They must be taken either at least one hour after or four hours before taking Atorvastatin. If they are taken any more closely, the other drug(s) will likely prevent the full absorption of the Atorvastatin. Eating any grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice can increase the absorption of Atorvastatin in a patient’s blood stream. Patients should not stop taking this medication without first consulting their doctor, even if they do not think that it is doing anything, because it could take up to four weeks to get the full benefits.

This article is for informational purposes only. Patients should always consult their doctor for medical advice.