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Key Perspectives on the Future of Population Health

Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time: 2:00 PM EST

During the second of two population health webinars, researchers from America’s Essential Hospitals, UHC and George Mason University presented findings from a focus group interview with key contributors in the field. This group included policy experts, representatives from community-based organizations, and various other stakeholders. After hearing the focus group results, participants discussed the complex nature of population health, the current state and future direction of these programs, and ways in which population health activities can be supported and advanced. The webinar focused on the distinctive patient populations that essential hospitals and academic medical centers serve, and culminated with compelling findings and explicit strategies for future action.


Bianca Perez, PhD
Director of Research
America’s Essential Hospitals

Marilyn Szekendi, PhD, RN
Director, Quality Research
University HealthSystem Consortium

Kalahn Taylor-Clark, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Health Administration
Policy Senior Advisor
Center for Health Policy, Research and Ethics
George Mason University


All members of America’s Essential Hospitals and UHC were encouraged to attend.

Webinar Attendees

Katherine Susman
Katie Gregg Katie Zimmerman
Patricia Parker
Marilyn Szekendi
Kalahn Taylor-Clark
Sharon Phillips
Michael Stoto Michael Stoto
Debra Gussin
Tanikka Price
Lauren O'Dell
Suzanne Branch
Gail Seaman
Jennifer Sayles
Sobha Fuller
Johnson Gill
Marie Elivert
Barbara Harding
Danielle Carrier
Jocelyn Vaughn
Raiza Cheng
Steven Carson
Maria Mera
Lainie Fox Ackerman
Jeffrey Slocum
Kristen Moreno
Elisa Hernandez Elisa Hernandez
Sally Jackson
Elisa Horbatuk
Linda Cundiff
Kathleen Mertens
James Misak
Laura Sarff
Kimberly Howland
Sue Pickens
Mary Bachhuber Mary Bachhuber
Suzanne Bring
Colleen O'Brien
Cynthia Neal
Sheryl Garland
Balavenkatesh Kanna
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