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Increasing the Odds Patients will Recommend Your Hospital

Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

This was the first installment of our four-part webinar series that showcases hospitals that move innovative ideas into action to enhance the patient experience. 

During this webinar, participants learned how they can adapt Bellevue Hospital Center’s patient-centered approach to improve the patient experience and financial outcomes at their own institution. Bellevue improved from the 23rd to the 48th percentile nationally when patients were asked if they would recommend the hospital.

For questions, please contact Darlene Shenier at


Linda C. Lombardi, PhD
Chief Strategy/Chief Experience Officer
Bellevue Hospital Center

Nathan Link, MD
Medical Director
Bellevue Hospital Center

Marcy Pressman, MPH
Deputy Executive Director
Bellevue Hospital Center

Vivian Sun, MS, RD
Associate Executive Director, OSD
South Manhattan Healthcare Network

Dean Tarnovsky, MA
Breakthrough Deployment Officer
Bellevue Hospital Center

Suggested Participants

All members of America’s Essential Hospitals were encouraged to register for this webinar, especially individuals who held the following roles:

  • chief nurse officers
  • nursing directors, managers and staff
  • patient and family engagement teams
  • language services professionals
  • patient advocates
  • quality improvement staff

Webinar Attendees

Darlene Shenier Darlene Shenier
Linda C. Lombardi
Margaret Ames
Kori Beech
Fernando Bravo
Edward Brenner
C Juliette Brown
Amanda Callaway
Diane Canan
Daniel Cashman
Dan Castillo Dan Castillo
Annette Chambers
Jeff Critchfield
Angela Davis-Collins
Barbara DeIorio
Eileen Ervesun Eileen Ervesun
Sheena Freeman
Juliet Gaengan
Taumaoe Gaoteote
Donna Geiss
Analisa Gonzalez Carr
Tracy Gooding
Joanne Grimes
Jessica Halley
James Hesse
Erika Joyner
Peter Lawson
Patty Looker
Crissy Lough
Mamie McIndoe
Leslye Mlcak
Janet Moreland
Sheila Moroney Sheila Moroney
Hannah Nelson
Amber Owens
Patricia Parker
Mary Linda Rivera
Liliane Rocha Liliane DeAguiar-Rocha
Patricia Rondan-Mann Patricia Rondan-Mann
Monya Rucker
Marcia Scott-Jonas
Karin Stryker
Oma Sunkara
Elizabeth Udeji
Cletus Udoh
Susan Walcott
William Wang
Laurie Ward
Sheree Williams
David Weisman
Jerry Wesley
Seidra Whitley
R. William Whitman
Russell Williams
Jacque Wilson
Mary Wisniewski
Olawale Akande
Mary Bachhuber Mary Bachhuber
Marlena Brooker
LaRay Brown LaRay Brown
Christine Cassisi Cbrimstone Cassisi
Jennifer Castillo
Patricia Christy
Shareen Cronin
Joan Dauhajre
Dawn delaVega
Lisa DeMary
Derrick Dowdell
Marie Elivert
Laura Ellers Laura Ellers
Omayra Fernandez
Terry Gray
Darlyne Hawkins
Jessica Hernandez
Jason Kunnacherry
Thomas Leach
Margaret Ledesma
Kristina Mody
Sheverly Nail
Ellen O'Connor
Bhavna Patel
Delinda Pendleton
Sharon Phillips
Elizabeth Reed
Brian Roberson Brian Roberson
Baljeet Sangha Baljeet Sangha
Astrid Schrueder
Rhonda Scott
Lynnette Watts
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