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Deep Dive: Proposed 340B and Site-Neutral Policies

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

In July, federal regulators proposed two outpatient payment policies that would harm essential hospitals and that America’s Essential Hospitals vigorously opposes. The first would dramatically reduce Medicare Part B reimbursement for 340B Drug Pricing Program purchases, and the second would expand the scope of cuts that began last year for off-campus provider-based departments. Participants heard staff experts break down these policy proposals, share next steps for advocacy, and respond to questions.


Erin O’Malley
Senior Director of Policy
America’s Essential Hospitals

Shahid Zaman, Esq.
Senior Policy Analyst
America’s Essential Hospitals

Webinar Attendees

Amanda Callaway
Anna Kirkman
Alexi Price
Benjamin Paul
Bruce Hartmann
Carol White
Cindy Villanueva
Daniel Herlihy
Danielle Sestito
David Attard
David Opp
Michelle Dibacco
Dennis Haines
Donald Smith
Edward Brenner
Elizabeth Kibbe
Ed Mesco
Emily Gibellina
Enisa Baltic
Gail Yedinak
Genevieve Carroll
Hailey Bandy
James Amato
Jan Gorrie
Jill Batty
Jeff Richter
Jessica Schleifer
Jody Harris Booher
Joni Nebeker
Joshua Mark
Jocelyn Whitfield Jocelyn Whitfield
Joseph Varga
Katherine Levins
Kathy Chan Kathy Chan
Eileen Kelly
Keri Disney-Story
Laura Grill
Lynne Boyle
Lauren Sheer Lauren Sheer
Leslie Kurys
Paula Littleton
Maria Vergel
Mark Ridenour
Mark Ward
Maureen Milligan
Mayank Shah
Meredith Tweedie
Michael Vanderlinde
Michael Hales
Michael Nachef
Nancy Cruz
Neville Wise
Nate Horsley
Natascha Rowland
Okey Uzor
Karyn Rae
Ronald Costanzo
Richard Rubinstein
Steven Chizuk
Sally Enevoldson
Stephen Harris
Jake Simons
Scott Pester
Susan Spencer
Tory Castor
Timothy Maloney Timothy Maloney
Tonya Clark
Julie Windom
Bill McGregor
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