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2016 Election Recap: Implications for Essential Hospitals

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time: 3:00 PM EST

The 2016 election will have profound impacts on the future of health care policy broadly but also particularly on essential hospitals. This webinar featured America’s Essential Hospitals staff speaking about how health care issues affected the election and how the election’s outcome will likely impact federal policy and your institutions over the next several years.


Shawn Gremminger, MPP
Director of Legislative Affairs
America’s Essential Hospitals

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Suggested Participants

All members of America’s Essential Hospitals are encouraged to attend, especially those serving in the following roles:

  • CEO;
  • chief financial officer;
  • chief operating officer;
  • director of communications;
  • director of foundations;
  • director of government relations;
  • health plan administrator;
  • director of managed care; and
  • reimbursement director.

Webinar Attendees

Carol Adams
Alec Rosenberg
Alex Mullineaux
Alvin Young
Aaron McQuade
Amy Sagen Amy Sagen
Andrew Smith
Andrew Herndon
Adam Webb Adam Webb
Anna Wojcik
Anthony Patterson Anthony Patterson
Barbara Viskochil
Barbara Wikoren
Brian Wilmoth
Belinda Garcia-Rattenbury Belinda Garcia-Rattenbury
Lilliana Bell
Betty Herbert Betty Herbert
Brian Roberson
Carissa Rey
Carmen Sanchez Carmen Sanchez
Carol Huber
Craig Cathcart
Chris Cooley
Carl Graziano Carl Graziano
Christopher George Christopher George
Carol Craig
Cathy OBrien
Colbert White
Cass Wisniewski Cass Wisniewski
Danielle Christian
David Elliot
Debra Barnes Debra Barnes
Marianne DeJesus
Donna Sollenberger Donna Sollenberger
Peg Dougherty
Diane Valade
Elizabeth Kibbe
Elizabeth Unachukwu
Laura Ellers Laura Ellers
Emily Chung
Enisa Baltic
Elizabeth Reed
Dennis Fuller
Gail Yedinak
Johnson Gill
Izidi Alcorn-Starks
Indu Sanwal
Jeff Richter
John Haupert JohnHaupert
Jeremy Milner Jeremy Milner
Jody Harris-Booher
John Jurenko John Jurenko
Janelle Schrag Janelle Schrag
Joseph Varga
Katherine Yoder
Kathleen Whyte Kathleen Whyte
Kathy Chan Kathy Chan
Keri Disney-Story
Katie Gregg
Kathy Hurst
Kalpana Ramiah Kalpana Ramiah
Katherine Susman
Linda Loeb
Lindy Kennedy
Mark Adelman
Mark Ward
Mark Wright
Matthew Sur
Melissa Victorine
Marcelino Garcia
Melany Gavulic
Mollie Forrester
Matthew Hicks
Michael Norby
Michelle Strenth
Michael Wilson
Maeceon Lewis Maeceon Lewis
Michelle Schneidermann Michelle Schneidermann
Madeline White Madeline White
Nancy Valentine-Adams
Nathan Deal Nathan Deal
Niki Lee Donawa
Nneka St. Gerard Nneka St. Gerard
Pearly Epp
Peter Tibone
Patty Calver Patty Calver
Lynette Puccinelli
Rosa Adams
Rhonda Gold Rhonda Gold, CPA
Richard Toner
Rachel Gressett
Sally Enevoldson
Shane O'Donley Shane O'Donley
Shannon Huth
Sherry Reeder
Susan Seidensticker smseiden@UTMB.EDU
Ericka Sommers
Scott Rule
Shannon Sale
Shahid Zaman Shahid Zaman
Wei Chen Lee
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