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2016 Advocacy Year-in-Review

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time: 2:00 PM EST

In this webinar we looked back at the 2016 advocacy landscape, discussed the progress we have made on key issues affecting essential hospitals, reviewed our interaction with the Trump transition team, and looked forward to 2017.


Beth Feldpush, DrPH
Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
America’s Essential Hospitals

Shawn Gremminger, MPP
Director of Legislative Affairs
America’s Essential Hospitals

Erin O’Malley, MLA
Director of Policy
America’s Essential Hospitals

Suggested Participants

All members of America’s Essential Hospitals are encouraged to attend, especially those individuals serving in the following roles:

  • CEO;
  • CFO; or
  • Government relations.

Webinar Attendees

Sarah Lechner
Gail Yedinak
Indu Sanwal
Carl Graziano Carl Graziano
Sally Barber
Mark Adelman
Kathy Chan Kathy Chan
Thaddaeus Diggs
James Cetrone Jamie Cetrone
Jessica Hall
Emily Chung
Michael Vanderlinde
Sarah Hesketh
Jennifer Carlson
Alex Mullineaux
Mark Ward
Enisa Baltic
Michelle O'Keefe
Scott Rule
Stephanie Milburn
Lauren Sheer Lauren Sheer
Sarah Mutinsky
Leonard Guttman
Parikshet Babber Parikshet Babber
Brian Roberson Brian Roberson
John Jurenko John Jurenko
Maryellen Guinan Maryellen Guinan
Amy Lulich Amy Sagen
Shahid Zaman Shahid Zaman
Lynne Boyle
Jocelyn Wiles
Gary Murdock
Katherine Yoder
Michelle Strenth
Amy Carta Amy Carta
Alex Krigstein
Rebecca Entress
James McClean
Gabriela Canales Gabriela Canales
Seamus Dolan
Rachael Kobb
Dennis Fuller
Robert Hillier
Carol Craig
Nathan Deal Nathan Deal
Kate Philips
Jacqueline Zheleznyak Jacqueline Zheleznyak
Anna Wojcik
Alvin Young
Ben Raimer
Terry Lightfoot Terry Lightfoot
Leslie Kurys
Petra Dodd
Gerard Grimaldi
Nate Horsley
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