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Value Champions: Engaging Stakeholders to Reduce Overuse

WEBINAR DATE: November 4, 2020

Participants joined for the second webinar in a three-part series on value champions — change agents who optimize medical care to do less of what potentially harms and more of what truly helps patients.

Topics included how to identify and engage your organization’s stakeholders in reducing the use of services for which the potential for patient harm exceeds the services’ benefits. We investigated how reducing the use of a service can impact multiple stakeholders across an organization.

MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation Value Champion faculty from Yale/New Haven Hospital shared strategies for identifying and engaging internal stakeholders. A speaker from association member University of Virginia Health System talks about assessing and engaging stakeholders when reducing medical overuse and how that system’s project impacted multiple stakeholders.

The final webinar in this miniseries will focus on the value of incorporating the patient voice.

Webinar Recording


Robert Fogerty, MD, MPH
Director, Bed Resources
Yale/New Haven Hospital

Elizabeth Frentzel, MPH
Manager of Sponsored Projects
America’s Essential Hospitals

George Hoke, MD
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
University of Virginia


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Elizabeth Frentzel
Manager of Sponsored Projects
America’s Essential Hospitals

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