Social media has become an important communications tool across all industries. Yet, this tool is only valuable when used with actionable goals. I know, this sounds daunting. But with a little guidance, you can leverage this tool to its greatest benefit.

I often tell people to think of social media much like they think of their phone or even email. We call people or send them emails when we need to share a key piece of information with them. That information might strengthen our relationship with the person on the other end, it might persuade that person to do something for us, or it might make us feel better to get something off our chest. Regardless, we share with purpose, we have a goal.

The same goes for Twitter. We want to share information that leads us to our goals. Our goals – and you can have one or many – will drive the focus of our message.

Here are three key goals you should consider, including how to achieve each goal and why you will be successful:



Share facts and wisdom, offer opinions about news or studies, retweet reliable content

Demonstrates knowledge, trustworthiness


Share experiences in the community, pictures, real-life events

Demonstrates your hospital is central to the vitality of your community


Share facts, refute misinformation with reliable sources, share poignant stories from your community that bring life to your facts

Demonstrates need, augments the political conversation, helps others understand another perspective


What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish by engaging with people? What do you want to share? Why do you want to share it? Let us know how you are using Twitter to your advantage!