Although talking about the cost of care can be challenging for patients and clinicians alike, tools are available to help. These tools, developed through research, support respectful, productive conversations that often take very little time.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2016 funded eight research projects to develop tools for integrating cost of care conversations into the clinical workflow and meeting the needs of vulnerable populations. Tools and resources developed through those research grants are available in the online library at

These resources can assist providers, patients, and health care organizations in having cost of care conversations and help reduce cost concerns that can impede optimal care and health outcomes.

To help apply the tools, hear from the researchers who developed some of them. In user-friendly presentations, discover the target audience for the tools, the evidence behind them, and tips for putting them to use.

Access webinar recordings online at your convenience:

All tools and webinar recordings are available to the public. Please feel free to share them with providers, patients, and health care organizations that could benefit from them — both in essential hospitals and beyond.

For more information, contact Principal Project Specialist Deborah Roseman, MPH, at