This week Hurricane Sandy caused substantial devastation along the East Coast, leaving many homes and communities in pieces. The same happened this past August when Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast.

I know personally that when natural disasters hit many lives are forever changed and it is a considerably long road to recovery. As we watch the news coverage, we hold our loved ones a little bit closer and take a second to check in on our friends who might have been impacted.

Here at NAPH- we find a renewed sense of purpose in the work that we do to support our members. In times of great need, NAPH member hospitals protect the communities they serve and then some. It is truly impressive to see all the good they do.

For example, NuHealth/Nassau Health Corporation took in almost 100 more patients from area evacuated hospitals, ensuring the patients’ health and safety was maintained. New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) used their offsite emergency information technology system, and kept most of their facilities open even in evacuation areas.

There are countless more stories of the brave work that NAPH members do, and I know so many people across the country value their great work at some of our worst times.

If you are interested in learning more or you are in search of emergency preparedness resources, check our site.