My friends in the GOP are at a crossroads. The party once stood strong behind “Repeal, Repeal, Repeal!” in reference to the Affordable Care Act, but now that the Obama administration is recognizing some challenges in implementing the law, things have changed.

Shawn Gremminger and I have been discussing this for over a year now. At what point will the rhetoric shift so we can actually make some productive changes to the law? (cough.. cough..(DSH cuts, anyone?!) Both parties have done a terrific job at standing their ground. For the most part, Democrats refuse to change any part of the law while Republicans will be happy to change the entire law by repealing it… completely.

Like all dysfunctional couples, neither side refuses to admit they are wrong and we sit in this awesome stalemate, also known as 2010-2013. When the administration announced that they would delay the employer mandate, things changed.

Speaker Boehner and the House seized this opportunity to make Democrats take a hard vote on codifying the employer mandate delay and also making the completely rationale argument (in my opinion) that the individual mandate should be delayed as well. Now the House plans to vote on a series of delays when they return from recess, but Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) with the support of the Heritage Foundation and Freedomworks say that we should force a government shutdown if we can’t defund the ACA.
Earlier this month, Americans for Tax Reform, along with other members of the “Repeal Coalition”, came out in support of a one-year delay for all 2014 Obamacare mandates, subsidies, and taxes as part of any upcoming fiscal negotiations with the White House. So what’s next?

Will the GOP divide itself so neither effort to stop Obamacare will be successful? Will one course win overall? Will the rollout go smoothly or will it be a mess for Democrats?

Stay tuned…