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Partnership for Medicaid Releases Quality Proposal

The Partnership for Medicaid, a national coalition of organizations representing Medicaid providers, health plans, counties, and labor, released a Medicaid quality reporting proposal at its congressional briefing March 14. America’s Essential Hospitals President and CEO Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, spoke on behalf of the association, which serves as the first co-chair of the partnership.

Siegel unveiled the partnership’s new quality reporting proposal titled, The Next Step: Improving Quality and Reducing Cost in the Medicaid Program. The proposal calls for a common, mandatory set of Medicaid quality measures to be reported by all states. These measures would be designed to assess quality of care, access to care, and patient experience for Medicaid beneficiaries in each state and territory. Siegel noted that a core set of measures will help streamline Medicaid program reporting requirements, which vary greatly across the 56 states and territories. He also said that the proposal will help control costs as Medicaid becomes the nation’s largest source of health care coverage.

The other briefing panelists highlighted the need to continue to strengthen and improve the Medicaid Program. Columbia University Professor Heidi Allen, PhD, MSW, co-author of the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment studies, Judy Mohr Peterson, PhD, director of the Oregon Medicaid Program, and Kay Dickerson, an Oregon Medicaid beneficiary, illustrated that Medicaid enables people to access care, especially preventive services, that was previously unavailable.


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