Each day we are learning more about the value of including patients and families from the teams who have partnered with them in decision making, design and testing of improvements. We have discovered that we have much to learn from those who use our system and that both patients and family members are essential and valuable advisors and partners in improving systems of care. We have also learned that there is no more powerful accelerant of improvement than to include those who use our system in shared decision making and design.

To accelerate improvement efforts at CCRMC, I have asked that all improvement teams include patients, family members and members of our community to help design and test changes that aim to deliver safe, effective, efficient, timely, equitable and patient and family-centered care to everyone, every time. What does this look like when it happens? I will leave you with the exquisite comments of one of our family member “Healthcare Partners”, Teresa Pasquini.

“Opening doors and opening minds to the possibility of systemic improvement through the use of patient and family member advisors has been a primary aim of the Contra Costa County Healthcare Partnership. Since July of 2009, a small group of patient, family and staff have met weekly to develop a shared vision that would transform the delivery of healthcare in our local public system and beyond. We have learned that it is not possible to transform, improve, or integrate our system if we continue with hospital/clinic centric, hierarcachael or territorial thinking. We discovered that we must look behind the doors of our homes, homeless shelters, hospital floors, clinics, ERs, Board rooms, other health divisions, and the CEO’s office in order to prepare ourselves for the cultural shift. We have been doing that in Contra Costa these past months.”

To learn more about what we’re doing to improve care and partner with those we serve please visit. http://cchealth.org/medical_center/culture/

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