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Fellows Program 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Fellows Program group page. We are excited to provide a private, fellows-only online classroom environment, where you can post questions and answers for your peers and association staff.

You must be a member of the 2019 Fellows Program to access this page. Please sign in to the right or contact Kimberly Green at or 202.585.0100.

Please visit the Fellows Program page for general information.

If you are a member of the 2018 Fellows Class please sign in to the group page.

If you are a member of the 2017 Fellows Class please sign in to the group page.

If you are a member of the 2016 Fellows Class please sign in to the group page.

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Group Members

James Cetrone
Annette Macias-Hoag Annette Macias-Hoag
Brenda Oiyemhonlan Brenda Oiyemhonlan
Cynthia Alexander Cynthia Alexander
Cassandra Davis Cassandra Davis
Charmaine Valentine Charmaine Valentine
Cherilyn Re Cherilyn Re
C'Lita Henry-Lombard C'Lita Henry-Lombard
Cristina Contreras Cristina Contreras
Desolyn Foy Desolyn Foy
Erika Jenssen Erika Jenssen
Erin Booker Erin Booker
Eve Milner Eve Milner
Deborah Falconi Deborah Falconi
Hannah Leaver Hannah Leaver
Charles Harris Charles Harris
Heather Bogrett Heather Bogrett
Ion (Adi) Mitrache Ion (Adi) Mitrache
Hillary Jalon
Jennifer Rabaglia Jennifer Rabaglia
Joy Parker Joy Parker
Jacquelyn Reasor Jacquelyn Reasor
Jennifer Stanton Jennifer Stanton
Kaci Husted Kaci Husted
Kalpana Ramiah Kalpana Ramiah
Karin Stryker Karin Stryker
Kimberly Green Kimberly Green
Lauren Vestal Lauren Vestal
Lavonna Martin Lavonna Martin
Linda Lawson Linda Lawson
Lauren Poe Lauren Poe
Alwyn Mandeville Alwyn Mandeville
Miranda Bond Miranda Bond
Maria Soler
Matthew Wheatley Matthew Wheatley
Nancy Hanright Nancy Hanright
Nicki Ware Nicki Ware
Patricia Dorsey
Quoc Nguyen Quoc Nguyen
Rose Kakoza Rose Kakoza
Ross Jones Ross Jones
Samia Zia Samia Zia
Sheena Freeman Sheena Freeman
Sarah Sisco Sarah Sisco
Lori Sisler Lori Sisler
Tina Goss Tina Goss
Tracy Kramer Tracy Kramer
Troy Krupica Troy Krupica
Traci Johnson Traci Johnson
Valerie Murphy Valerie Murphy
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