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Transparency Proposal Would Undermine Care, State Flexibility


Statement attributable to:
Beth Feldpush, DrPH
Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
America’s Essential Hospitals

WASHINGTON — We share the government’s desire to protect patients and taxpayers with transparency in federal programs, but today’s proposal oversteps this goal with deeply damaging policies that would harm the health care safety net and erode state flexibility.

This regulation would undermine the financial stability of state Medicaid programs by restricting the flexibility states have to meet their commitment to vulnerable patients and avoid spending cutbacks that threaten access to care. That flexibility also has allowed states to respond to health crises that require expanded services, such as the opioid epidemic. Indeed, flexibility seemed to be a hallmark of the administration’s approach to Medicaid.

But today’s proposal turns that perception on its head. It is less about transparency than restricting the very flexibility states need to keep their Medicaid programs afloat and protect the safety net in the face of growing demands on program resources.

We ask that the administration work with essential hospitals to find ways that satisfy its desire for transparency without putting health care access and state flexibility at risk.

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