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Congress: Reject Tax Reforms that Harm Patients, Hospitals


Statement attributable to:
Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH
President and CEO
America’s Essential Hospitals

WASHINGTON — As Congress works to reconcile House and Senate tax reform bills, we urge lawmakers to reject changes that would put affordable health care out of reach for millions of Americans and badly strain the nation’s safety net.

We are deeply concerned the Senate plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate would jeopardize ongoing coverage for those who need it most by pricing them out of the marketplace. As they drop out of coverage, and as others choose not to enroll, uncompensated care costs will rise at hospitals already struggling to meet their mission.

The House and Senate bills would further destabilize hospitals that care for those who face financial hardships by triggering deep cuts to social programs. Sequestration would undermine care for Medicare patients and have a ripple effect on Medicaid and other social supports, particularly for dually eligible beneficiaries.

We fervently hope House and Senate conferees will maintain the individual mandate and work swiftly to avert damaging Medicare cuts if they enact final reform legislation. Tax reform should not come at the cost of individual health and the financial well-being of hospitals on which so many Americans depend. The nation’s patients and their hospitals look to Congress to do no harm as it considers a final tax measure.

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