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Nondiscrimination Policy Change Jeopardizes Health and Health Care Access


Statement attributable to:
Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH
President and CEO
America’s Essential Hospitals

WASHINGTON—With its decision to end protections against discrimination in health care for LGBTQ and other vulnerable people, the administration puts the health and safety of these populations at risk and creates a climate for disparities in health and health care access.

Essential hospitals embrace the fundamental principle that discrimination has no place in health care. They close gaps in care and reduce disparities among vulnerable populations, including the LGBTQ community and individuals with limited English proficiency. Our hospitals care for all people—and they will continue to do so, despite the administration’s ill-considered decision.

This policy change sets the nation back in its work to build greater equity in health care. Although no time would be right for this decision, it is especially harmful now, during the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency. There is no policy justification for this change, and we strongly urge the administration to reconsider its position.

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