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NAPH Announces Transformation to ‘America’s Essential Hospitals’

June 20, 2013

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems today announced its new name, America’s Essential Hospitals, and its ongoing support of hospitals and health systems that provide high-quality and innovative care to all, including the most vulnerable.

A respected voice for hospitals that provide the nation’s disadvantaged with the same quality care all others receive, America’s Essential Hospitals has provided advocacy, research, education, and leadership development to its members, now numbering more than 200, since 1981.

“Today we take an important step forward in our growth and that of our membership,” President and CEO Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, said. “We and our members are united by a common purpose: to serve all people and all communities with essential services and the best care possible. This is what defines us and the hospitals and health systems we represent.”

With the new name, the association preserves the sense of public accountability central to its legacy and celebrates the mission of its members to ensure access to quality care for those in greatest need. The name also speaks to the essential services its members provide to communities across the country, including trauma and burn care, poison control, neonatal intensive care, disaster response, health professionals training, public health functions, and research.

“Entire communities – not just the needy – depend on our hospitals for life-saving care when accidents occur, when natural disasters strike, when public health threats emerge,” Siegel said. “These needs will not go away as we expand health care coverage. And even as we expand coverage, many people will remain economically vulnerable, with few options beyond our member hospitals.”

America’s Essential Hospitals also announced that the National Public Health and Hospital Institute, its research entity since 1988, has been renamed the Essential Hospitals Institute. The institute conducts and disseminates research on a broad variety of topics central to the care of vulnerable populations and promotes practice improvement through a Research Center and Transformation Center, a catalyst for innovative change to enhance quality and safety.

The group’s top member leader, Board of Directors Chair Thomas P. Traylor, vice president, federal, state, and local programs, Boston Medical Center, praised the new brand for underscoring the services members provide in times of great need, such as the April Boston Marathon bombings and last year’s Hurricane Sandy.

“Our hospitals have always been on the frontlines of the response to tragedies, such as these,” he said. “And we embrace this essential and special role, just as we embrace our historical commitment to the day-to-day work of delivering exceptional care to all people in the communities we serve.”

America’s Essential Hospitals’ Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by NuHealth System President and CEO Arthur A. Gianelli, began its rebranding work in spring 2012. The project included extensive interviews of Washington policymakers, member leaders, and other audiences to understand perceptions of the association and opportunities to better define itself and the hospitals it represents. The capstone of that work, a vote by members overwhelmingly in favor of the change, occurred last month.

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About America’s Essential Hospitals
America’s Essential Hospitals, formerly the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, is the leading association and champion for hospitals and health systems dedicated to high-quality care for all, including the most vulnerable. Since 1981, America’s Essential Hospitals has initiated, advanced, and preserved programs and policies that help these hospitals ensure access to care. It supports members with advocacy, policy development, research, and education.

Our more than 200 members are vital to their communities, providing primary care through trauma care, disaster response, health professionals training, research, public health programs, and other services. They innovate and adapt to lead the broader health care community toward more effective and efficient care. Visit to learn more.

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