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Fellows Program 2017

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Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change
June 19-23, 2017

(Held in conjunction with Vital2017, America’s Essential Hospitals annual conference, June 21-23)

During this session, participants will gain a better understanding of the principles of adaptive leadership. They will also devote a considerable amount of time to learning a dynamic methodology designed to equip leaders with the strategies and tools needed to mobilize their organization to adapt and thrive in challenging environments. Participants will have the opportunity to attend Vital2017, where they can network and learn from other essential hospitals.

Assessing Culture and Using the Big Levers to Move It
October 11-13, 2017
Washington, DC

During this session, participants will focus on the large building blocks of cultural change: communication, coaching, and management of people. Participants will also explore techniques that allow leaders to effectively know and manage themselves as a foundation for knowing and managing others.

Creating a Leadership Legacy and Project Review
March 2018
Washington, DC

During this session, participants will share leadership challenges and successes experienced during their project implementation. Participants will also learn about the current state of affairs on Capitol Hill and attend a tutorial on effective communication and lobbying techniques in preparation for their Hill visits. Once on the Hill, fellows will meet with their congressional delegations to advocate on behalf of essential hospitals.

Peer-group coaching and supplemental curriculum activities will be held between sessions via webinars and discussion forums.

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