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Fellows Program

Leadership is the difference between an organization mired in mediocrity and one energized by transformation. For over 25 years, The Fellows Program has brought leaders together to look unflinchingly at the enormous challenges in health care and has given them to the tools necessary to meet those challenges on behalf of our most vulnerable people.

Fellows1Part of this battle lies in culture change. Transforming a hospital’s culture into one focused on providing patient-centered, high-quality, and safe care requires skills, data, strategy, sponsorship, passion, and courage. Achieving these goals requires a significant leadership commitment, but the goal is worth the investment. Through a dedicated and adaptive culture, hospitals can provide patients with the best possible care while also improving the overall health of communities.

The Fellows Program is designed to help leaders transform themselves, marshal the energy of others to drive improvement, and create an adaptive and effective culture.


  • Strengthen the leadership skills needed to successfully mobilize organizations to tackle tough challenges, accomplish change, and adapt to complex and competitive environments
  • Explore techniques that allow leaders to effectively know and manage themselves as a foundation for knowing and managing others

Program Features

  • Three sessions (each 2.5 days) spanning 10 months, located in different geographical areas
  • Highly interactive classroom sessions, including presentations from leaders and experts, case studies, and group work
  • Extensive networking opportunities with colleagues who share a similar mission
  • Participation in America’s Essential Hospitals conferences, including the organization’s annual conference VITAL, and its spring Policy Assembly (with visits to congressional delegations on Capitol Hill)
  • Project coaching and mentoring with a program consultant between sessions
  • Peer consulting with other fellows on projects and leadership issues
  • Program support from the highest level of each participant’s organization
  • Opportunity to showcase original projects on the America’s Essential Hospital’s website and at the annual conference
  • Continuing education credits
  • As a Fellow Alumni, participants join a network of over 650 former fellows, some who have become C-suite leaders and CEOs of essential hospitals.


Each applicant must be nominated by the organization’s chief executive officer. America’s Essential Hospitals and the CEO sponsor will agree to form a partnership to optimize the benefit of the program to the participant and his or her sponsoring organization. The CEO/sponsor commits to these things:

  • expect each fellow to participate in all program activities
  • meet with fellow(s) before the first session and after each session to discuss program progress and projects
  • assist fellow(s) to formulate project and provide support and guidance for the project throughout the program
  • sign a letter of commitment to program and fellow(s).

Program cost

Each participant’s sponsoring organization is responsible for travel and lodging expenses. Tuition is $12,500, which includes three in-person learning sessions, access to leading health care experts and member chief executive officers, coaching, curriculum materials, some meals, site visits, America’s Essential Hospitals conference registration, and distance learning activities between sessions. This is our refund policy:

  • Participants will be accepted to the class and invoiced in mid-February.
  • Tuition fees are non-refundable within 30 days before session I, in June. **Refunds will be given for unplanned events and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Participants are clinical or administrative leaders with significant organizational roles (such as chief operating officers, chief financial officers, medical directors, vice presidents, directors, chief quality staff, and rising senior leaders). Teams of at least two candidates from each organization are encouraged to apply to create an important core group for future initiatives.


Applications for 2018 are now closed.

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Please contact Manager of Education Programs Kimberly Green or call 202.585.0100.