Health Equity

Health equity is a critical topic for members of America’s Essential Hospitals: hospitals and health systems that disproportionately care for low-income and other vulnerable patients. Our members care for a large number of patients who have diverse racial or ethnic origins and complex social needs.and challenges, such as food insecurity (see graphic below).

For this reason, Essential Hospitals Institute is dedicated to both supporting essential hospitals proactively to address health inequities in their communities, as well as acting as a leading voice in equitable care through research, performance improvement, and education.

The Cycle of Food Insecurity and Chronic Disease


Adapted from: Seligman H. Food Insecurity, Health, and Health Care. 2016. University of California San Francisco.

The Institute particularly focuses on researching and spreading knowledge related to identifying and eradicating health and health care disparities, as well as the provision of equitable and culturally competent services. Our work in this area has included partnerships with other advocacy organizations and participation in national health equity campaigns.