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Ask Every Patient: REAL – Interactive Course on Race, Ethnicity, Language

Learn more from Bruce Siegel, MD

Racial and ethnic minorities are a large and growing part of our population, but they still struggle to gain access to equitable care in our health care system. Collecting race, ethnicity, and language (REAL) data is the first step to identifying and resolving health disparities and an essential component of improving care quality for all patients.

The Ask Every Patient: REAL elearning module was developed by experts in the field of REAL data collection, working with the Essential Hospitals Engagement Network (EHEN) Equity Action Team to train registration staff to collect REAL data. The Ask Every Patient: REAL module accomplishes the following:

  • provides an automated, single-source process to train staff in REAL data collection
  • ensures consistent and accurate REAL data collection
  • offers registration staff a visually stimulating, interactive learning experience relevant to their jobs
  • follows recommended federal Office of Management and Budget guidelines to resolve health disparities
  • aligns with and reinforces The Joint Commission’s Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care Roadmap
  • helps hospitals and primary care providers fulfill federal health information technology meaningful use attestation, which includes REAL reporting requirements
  • aids registration and revenue cycle managers with accurate, consistent training

The full Ask Every Patient: REAL learning module is a benefit for members of America's Essential Hospitals. Members may sign in to the right to request more information about accessing the module.


Overview of the Ask Every Patient: REAL Module

Health Information Technology Best Practices for Collecting Real Data

Equity of Care

America’s Essential Hospitals is a founding partner of the National Call to Action to Eliminate Health Care Disparities, a coalition of leading national hospital and health care organizations committed to ensuring care equity and improving quality for every patient.

Equity Action Team

The America’s Essential Hospitals Equity Action Team, nominated by member hospital CEOs, plays an integral role shaping process changes in data collection. The advisory panel’s expertise and leadership on this vital issue also have been shared with hospital engagement networks in the federal Partnership for Patients.


Non-members can purchase the module through The Joint Commission.


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