Where to buy Citalopram

 Drug Name:  Citalopram
 Tablet Strength:  20 mg
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 Prescription:  Over the Counter
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What is the drug Citalopram?

Your pharmacist has suggested one of the currently available generics Citadep / Citopam: if you would like more information, do not hesitate to talk to doctor about it.

The shape and color may vary depending on the manufacturer.

20 mg breakable tablet.

Keep Citalopram in its case, away from light and heat. Do not leave it out of the reach of children.

What benefit can I expect from Citalopram?

Citalopram is an antidepressant.

It is prescribed for :

  • relieve sadness
  • the lack of motivation
  • sleep disorders (which often accompany depression)
  • help you regain your dynamism
  • relieve nervous tension or other manifestations of anxiety, such as panic attacks.

How to take Citalopram?

It must be taken :

  • every day
  • at regular time
  • by respecting the dosage prescribed on your prescription.

Check the dosage of the tablets that your doctor has prescribed for you.

The tablets must be swallowed :

  • with a large glass of water
  • preferably in the morning
  • during or outside meals
  • in a sitting or standing position.

What to do if I forget a dose?

If the delay is less than two hours, take Citalopram immediately.

After two hours, skip the dose and take the prescribed amount the next time.

In the case of a single dose, if you have forgotten your single morning dose, you can take it during the day.

If you have forgotten your single evening intake, skip the intake, and wait for the scheduled intake the next day. Never double take.

What side effects may appear?

These side effects may never appear and are different from person to person. The vast majority of adverse reactions are not serious. Some regress, from the first weeks of treatment.

It is necessary to know them in order to be able to identify or avoid them and, in any case, talk to your doctor who will look for a solution to alleviate them, or even make them disappear.

Adverse reactions: What should I do?

nausea and vomiting (common at the beginning of treatment) :

  • take your medicine after the meal
  • contact your doctor if they persist

diarrhea :

  • drink enough water. Contact your doctor if it persists

constipation :

  • do sports
  • eat a lot of raw fruits, green vegetables
  • drink enough water, especially in the morning on an empty stomach

dry mouth :

  • drink a little water often
  • chew a sugar-free gum
  • spray a spray of artificial saliva

drowsiness, fatigue, during the day :

  • avoid driving
  • be careful in situations that require attention
  • talk to the doctor about it

headache :

  • they usually fade after a few days
  • contact your doctor or pharmacist

nervousness, Insomnia :

  • contact your doctor to change the time of intake

tremors and stiffness :

  • contact your doctor if they persist

sexual disorders :

  • talk to your doctor

excessive sweating, or hypersudation :

  • observe good body hygiene
  • talk to your doctor

skin rashes, itching, small hematomas, small bleeding :

  • contact your doctor quickly

What to watch for during treatment?

The teeth

Have them monitored regularly because Citalopram promotes the appearance of caries by decreasing salivary secretion. It is recommended to brush your teeth, if possible after each meal, and at least once a day, before bedtime.

What precautions should be observed?


Alcohol intake is contraindicated, especially at the beginning of treatment, as it can lead to excessive drowsiness, increase adverse reactions, malaise and anxiety. Subsequently, a very moderate consumption is possible. Talk to your doctor about it.

Driving vehicles

Be very careful: do not drive without the advice of a health professional.

The desire for pregnancy

Talk to your doctor about it.

The regularity of the treatment

The regular intake of your treatment determines its effectiveness. You can prepare a weekly planner so that you don't forget to take your treatment.

In general, the benefit of the treatment is not immediate, it appears after 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes more. Stabilization can sometimes take several months. It is therefore necessary to give your medicine time to act. It is not necessary to give up and interrupt the treatment if you consider the improvement insufficient. In the meantime, if you feel a certain restlessness or if you feel more discouraged and dejected, you should talk to your doctor who will take the necessary measures.

Likewise, the fact of feeling "better" should not lead you to abruptly stop your treatment. An abrupt cessation of treatment would expose you to symptoms such as: dizziness, malaise, sleep disorders, agitation and anxiety, asthenia, nausea and heavy sweating, but also at risk of relapse. Discontinuation of treatment should always be decided in agreement with your prescribing doctor. It must be gradual over several weeks.