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Essential Insights

Perspectives on essential people, communities, and hospitals

Sustaining Essential Care

Protecting funding streams and policy or regulatory issues important to the vitality of our members

Continued Academic Medical Center Growth Means Resetting Traditional Strategies

A new analysis from corporate affiliate member Guidehouse shows that health care’s chaotic market — rising expenses and unprecedented patient demand — affects academic medical centers (AMCs) more dramatically than non-AMCs.

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Operational Strategies to Meet COVID-19 Financial Challenges

The immediate urgency that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our delivery system’s infrastructure is both mounting and innately unpredictable. There are innovative operational strategies any hospital can implement to meet these challenges. 

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Hospital Overall Star Ratings: Meaningful or Full of Confusion?

Essential hospitals are committed to transparent, accurate quality measurement, but a single hospital star rating oversimplifies a complex and personal decision.

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The Economics of Medicare GME: Takeaways from VITAL2019

Presenters from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler and Germane Solutions discussed strategies to improve graduate medical education economics.

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Medicaid Policy in 2019: Eligibility

Essential hospitals are an important resource to help patients determine their eligibility for Medicaid and other assistance programs.

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Medicaid Policy in 2019: Social Determinants of Health

As essential hospitals target social determinants of health in their communities, it is crucial that the Medicaid program continues to evolve to ensure this vital work can continue.

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Directed Payments: The Future of Accountable Medicaid Financing?

Directed payments through Medicaid managed care plans have avoided much of the confusion — even suspicion — that surrounds other supplemental support to providers. But as policy evolves, will the accountability and transparency built into this payment mechanism be sufficient in the long run?

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Medicaid Policy in 2019: Expansion

Decisions made at the state and federal levels regarding Medicaid expansion continue to evolve nearly a decade after passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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Medicaid: A Growing Share of States’ Budgets

As states’ Medicaid costs rise with every budget cycle, many are exploring new approaches to manage program spending by targeting rising prescription drug costs.

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Federal Action Aims to Curb Rising Medicaid Drug Costs

The nature of the Medicaid program means these skyrocketing costs have strained federal and state resources, prompting action through both policy and legislation.

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GR Academy: Elevating Essential Hospital Advocates

Government Relations Academy alumnae Elisa Hernández and Amy Carta share their experiences in the program and the value of applying new advocacy tools.

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Finance and Payment Policy: 3 Key Insights from VITAL2018

Several presentations at VITAL2018 focused on a foundational issue for essential hospitals—finance and payment policy—and provided member insights on topics such as Section 1115 Medicaid waivers, state policy trends in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, and digitizing the revenue cycle.

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Promoting Better Health Through the Tax Code

Public policies that address social determinants of health should be promoted whenever possible — including in the current tax debate.

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Immigration Policies Create Uncertainty for Health Care Workforce

Immigration orders by the Trump administration already have limited the ability of hospitals to recruit the world’s most qualified medical graduates.

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White House Targets Millennials for Health Coverage

The White House held a summit on increasing health coverage among young adults ahead of the next open enrollment period under the ACA, which begins Nov. 1.

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New to Waivers or Veteran, this Is the Summit for You

As essential hospitals leaders, we all need to stay on top of the evolving landscape for Medicaid Section 1115 waivers. Medicaid waivers offer a key opportunity to make health care delivery more effective and efficient – and to reduce our uncompensated care burden. Consider our experience in Texas. Over the life of the Texas Health

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Medicaid Expansion Could Be Key to Improving Essential Hospitals’ Margins

Georgetown University and Kaiser Family Foundation studies suggest Medicaid expansion might be key to improving financial outcomes for essential hospitals.

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Essential Hospitals Make Pitch for ACA Enrollment

As Jan. 31 open enrollment deadline looms, association spreads the word about ACA coverage options and tools to assess coverage needs and cost.

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