Again, Florida has been the site of a mass shooting — this time, in Fort Myers. And again, we offer our thoughts and support to a member hospital that courageously responded.

On July 25, two teenagers were killed and at least 16 other people were injured in a shooting at a Fort Myers nightclub. Most of the wounded were brought to Lee Memorial Hospital, a level II trauma center, for treatment.

Lee Memorial, the only trauma center in the region, called in additional surgeons to treat victims with minor to life-threatening gunshot wounds. The hospital provided lifesaving surgery to at least one critically injured victim. Most patients were released quickly, but four remained in the hospital with serious injuries, including two who were in the intensive care unit.

One victim died at the scene of the attack, and one died during surgery.

Despite being unaccustomed to treating such a large volume of gunshot victims, Lee Memorial staff was prepared to respond to the crisis.

Lisa Sgarlata, chief administrative officer of Lee Memorial, told The News-Press of Fort Myers, “I can tell you the response last night was over and above what was expected, across the board.” Lee Memorial Health System reached out to victims’ families and asked for blood donations on Twitter following the shooting.

The shooting comes just six weeks after a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub that left 49 dead.

Serving as a first receiver of mass shooting victims unfortunately has become a vital — and frequent — responsibility for essential hospitals, centers of lifesaving trauma and other care for communities when tragedy strikes.