Health Care Reform

As lawmakers and other stakeholders debate the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and entitlement programs, America’s Essential Hospitals will participate in the discussion on the strength of two guiding principles: supporting access to high-quality care for all people and ensuring essential hospitals have the resources they need to fulfill their vital community missions.

With these principles in mind, the association has three recommendations to policymakers to consider during discussions about repealing and replacing the ACA:

  • Policymakers should pair any repeal of the ACA with simultaneous passage of a comprehensive replacement;
  • Any freestanding repeal of the ACA must fully repeal the act’s steep cuts to hospital payments; and
  • Policymakers should ensure all people currently insured maintain coverage until a smooth transition into a permanent, comprehensive replacement can be made.

Our hospitals are experts at providing health care to those most dramatically impacted by changes in coverage sources, and we offer ourselves and our members as resources to lawmakers.