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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School is an inter-professional, online community for students, faculty, and professionals from all health disciplines that strives to advance and build skill in patient safety and quality improvement through education.

Although no prerequisites are required, individuals will participate in a rigorous, structured, web-based learning environment (see this course catalog). Rather than using traditional institutional learning methods, students connect through learning portals across the web, interact with faculty as necessary, and engage in problem solving through real-life health care scenarios. They utilize the harnessed knowledge of a virtual classroom filled with “classmates” equipped with performance improvement methodologies and coaching.

We anticipate the training modules could be used in different ways by an organization, a leadership team, or, possibly, a project or performance improvement group. Course offerings cover key concepts of quality improvement and provide an opportunity for a team to study modules together in a way that meets its unique individual or organizational learning goals.

All members may apply for any scholarship at any time during the year. However, scholarship funds are limited and awards are subject to availability of funds. Please note awarding criteria for specific scholarships.

How to Apply

  1. The IHI Open School scholarship is an individual annual subscription. Once enrolled, members work at their own pace through the available courses.
  2. Complete the online application form at any point throughout the year to indicate your interest in an IHI/Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Scholarship/IHI Open School.
  3. Receive notice of acceptance within one week of submitting an application. The acceptance notice will include a unique America’s Essential Hospitals scholarship passcode to enter when registering for IHI Open School.
  4. Register for the program within 48 hours of receiving the notice of acceptance. Applicants must notify America’s Essential Hospitals within one week of receiving the scholarship if they decide not to use it.
  5. Agree to participate in an America’s Essential Hospitals evaluation of the IHI/Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Endowment Scholarship.
  6. To register for IHI Open School offerings:
    • First, create a profile with IHI (if you do not already have one).
    • Second, register for IHI Open School.
    • Third, enter the unique America’s Essential Hospitals scholarship passcode when prompted. The passcode will cover the individual annual subscription. The passcode is found in the scholarship applicant’s notice of acceptance email.

If you experience difficulties registering for your event on IHI’s website, please contact IHI customer service at 617.301.4800 or from 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern Time. Simply let the customer service representative know for which program you are trying to enroll, your discount code, and the fact that you are a Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Scholarship recipient.

More Information

America’s Essential Hospitals sends periodic notices to members announcing new scholarship opportunities. To learn more about the IHI training events, please visit You also may contact

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