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America’s Essential Hospitals, formerly the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, has a rich history and long record of accomplishments on behalf of its members. Since its inception, America’s Essential Hospitals has been universally recognized for its expertise on issues affecting care for the nation’s most vulnerable patients. This deep knowledge revolves around not only the organization’s ardent advocacy, but also its contributions toward research on issues essential hospitals face and the practical application of that research in areas such as quality improvement.

Mission Statement

America’s Essential Hospitals champions excellence in health care for all, regardless of social or economic circumstance, and advances the work of hospitals and health systems committed to ensuring access to care and optimal health for America’s most vulnerable people.

Members’ Commitment to Service

America’s Essential Hospitals defines, through a shared commitment to service, the values that bind its members together:

America’s Essential Hospitals members commit to providing access to high-quality health care to all, especially to vulnerable populations. We are innovative hospitals and health systems that constantly strive to deliver the most efficient and effective care for those in greatest need, improving patient outcomes and quality of life in the communities we serve.

About America’s Essential Hospitals

America’s Essential Hospitals is the leading association and champion for hospitals and health systems dedicated to high-quality care for all, including the most vulnerable. Since 1981, America’s Essential Hospitals has initiated, advanced, and preserved programs and policies that help these hospitals ensure access to care. We support members with advocacy, policy development, research, and education.