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Essential Women’s Leadership Academy

The Essential Women’s Leadership Academy is a year-long training program designed to build a community of confident and empowered executives who lead essential hospitals in addressing the challenges of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Program Components

The Academy will focus on four critical elements found to significantly influence career advancement for women:

  • Mentorship: Mentees (candidates) and their mentors (other essential hospital leaders) will work collaboratively and through coaching to develop the mentees’ career path. This work will include monthly check-in calls and an in-person shadowing day at the mentor’s organization.
  • Assessments and coaching: The Academy will assess mentees’ leadership strengths and weaknesses and provide career path consultations with a professional coach.
  • Leadership training programs and fellowship: Each mentee will undergo 20 hours of leadership training and skill-building designed to accelerate performance.  The program curriculum will be delivered through a series of didactic webinars and a highly interactive in-person meeting with leading experts in the field (leadership experts and women leaders at essential hospitals) who will serve as faculty.
  • Women’s support groups and networking: The program will help build a nationwide network of women essential hospital leaders who share the same mission and challenges.

Program Schedule

  • The Academy began in February 2016 with a series of webinars, including an initial orientation webinar and mentorship training webinars.
  • An in-person meeting for mentees and mentors was held July 27-29, 2016, at America’s Essential Hospitals headquarters, in Washington, DC.
  • Monthly mentorship check-in calls will be held from August through December 2016.
  • Mentees will shadow their mentor for a day at the mentor’s organization sometime between August 2016 and January 2017.

The 2016 class has been selected and applications are now closed. Applications for the 2018 class will open this fall. For more information about the program, please visit EWLA homepage.

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